Laurens Korteweg

Laurens was Exhibitions Manager and Curator for three years before taking on the Director of Exhibitions role at World Press Photo. He has traveled the globe with the World Press Photo Exhibition, connecting people with the visual stories judged as some of the best of our time.

As the individual responsible for World Press Photo's global exhibition strategy, Laurens aims to diversify the organisation's product portfolio by developing new exhibition formats. By adding new formats and catering to specific needs instead of offering standard products, Laurens aims to expand the global presence of the exhibition to reach more people, and thus have a bigger impact. An important focus within the exhibitions strategy is aimed at creating a presence in those countries that for different reasons (i.e. economic, cultural) would less likely be able to organise the exhibition. This strategy underlines the organisation's commitment to freedom of expression and the free flow of information

Key in Laurens' work is the thought that visuals are able to make people think, talk, and reflect and so are an essential part of a society being well-informed. Therefore people need to see the visuals; as a consequence people need visual journalists. That is the key motivation in Laurens' professional and personal life.