Online Training

Learn something new alongside a community of photographers from around the world

The Photography Ethics Centre offers online training in photography ethics that is accessible to photographers and visual storytellers across the world, working in all genres and at all levels.

Online training is geared toward individuals who:

  • work in the photography industry

  • take and share pictures regularly

  • use photography in their work

Our online training is divided into two levels: basic and advanced. The Photographer’s Ethical Toolkit is our basic training. It will be available online as a free service. Why is it free? Because we think photography ethics is important, and we want people to learn about it. It’s as simple as that.

Our advances training will be presented a series of Advanced Ideas in Photography Ethics. These courses will be genre-specific to tackle ethical questions in greater depth.

Ready to begin?

Follow the link below to register to receive an invitation to the training programme once it becomes available. Anticipated release in Summer 2018.