Share your stories of ethical dilemmas

Have you experienced an ethical dilemma when you were photographing? How did you resolve it? Would you handle it differently in the future? Would you like to share your experience with other photographers around the world?

We are inviting photographers to share their experiences with us. Send us photographs that illustrate an ethical dilemma you have faced. Explain the story behind the photograph, including: the context, the situation, how you handled the situation, and whether you would do anything differently if you encountered the same situation in the future. Send your photograph as a link to the downloadable image on Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar online storage platform.

We will put a selection of submitted images in an online gallery to raise awareness about the complexity of ethical dilemmas and the variety of experiences that photographers encounter in their work. We will also gather submitted images to use in our online training and workshop programmes. If we select your image for our online gallery or educational programmes, you will be notified and your work will be credited.

Please submit your images by email to info@photoethics.org or by completing the form below. 

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