Dedicated to raising awareness about photography ethics.

Welcome to the Photography Ethics Centre. 

We are dedicated to raising awareness about ethics in photography. We provide a variety of services that are all focused on this objective. In order to find out more about the services we can offer you, please select the link that best describes who you are. Alternatively, if none of the options below are applicable, you can always get in touch with us directly.


Who are you?

Are you a photographer or visual storyteller? Do you use photography in your work? Do you publish photographs online or through social media? Have you ever encountered an ethical question in your work?

Does your institution train or promote photographers? Would you like your patrons, resident artists, or students to become more informed about photography ethics?  Would you like the photographers you promote to be ethically trained and certified?

Does your organisation use photography or other visual media in your work? Do you publish photographs online or in your annual report? Do you have photography guidelines? Are your photographers ethically trained?