Develop ethical guidelines for your organisation

Today, nearly all sectors are using photography or other visual media in their work.  Visual media has become an integral part of annual reports, communications materials, and online presence.

Yet many organisations have no set standards of practice for taking and using visual media. Without a set of guidelines, your employees run the risk of unknowingly breaching national or international laws and ethical norms about privacy and confidentiality, consent, and child protection. These violations could negatively impact your organisation through litigation or negative publicity.

The Photography Ethics Centre will develop tailor-made ethical guidelines for your organisation. In order to put the guidelines in motion, we will facilitate staff trainings.

Our consulting services are geared toward organisations like:

  • International development organisations (including NGOs, IGOs, charities, etc.)

  • Community development organisations

  • Newspapers and press agencies

  • Advertising agencies

  • Communications departments


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