Photo Ethics on Film, Episode 1: Departures

How can we deal with the question of consent when children are present? Watch this to find out.

We’re excited to launch a new series of videos called Photo Ethics on Film. In each of these videos, we will look at an example from a film or television programme of a situation that you might find yourself in as a photographer. We will talk about the ethical dilemmas that are presented in each situation, and we will discuss ways that you could ethically navigate similar situations in the future.

In this first video, we look at the question of children and consent. Children love a camera. They find it really exciting, they want to engage with it, and they want to see themselves in a picture. But when you are the one holding the camera, this can create a host of ethical challenges because children cannot consent. How can we navigate this complicated ethical terrain?

If there are any examples of photographic situations portrayed in film or television that you would like us to discuss, let us know!